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BuyingTips - HDTV

What is HDTV?

The difference between a HDTV (High Definition Television) and a regular TV is the high resolution digitalTV format that must be capable of reproducing a 16:9 aspect ratio and Dolby Digital surround sound. In comparison to normal picture resolution of 210,000 pixels HDTV offers resolutions up to 2.1 million pixels. As a result you get the clearest possible picture.

The broadcast movies have to be reformatted to fit on the regular TV's video resolution but HDTV also brings with it different dimentions for the pictures, as a result you get the theater-like movie watching experience inside your own home.

Today's broadcast standard allows the transmission of analog stereo surround sound, whereas HDTV allows the broadcast of CD-quality, 5.1-channel, Dolby Digital surround sound.

Types of HDTV:

HDTVs can be divided into HD-ready sets and HD-capable sets.Both the sets reproduce the best possible picture from all analog and digital broadcasts. The only difference between the two is HD-ready sets have the reveiver/decoder built within and the HD-capable sets require an additional external HDTV receiver/decoder to receive digital broadcasts.

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