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BuyingTips - PDAs/Organizer

What is a PDA?

Palm size PDAs or personal digital assistants are handheld devices small enough to fit into palm of your hand. They are designed to work alongside your desktop or laptop, not act as their replacement. They use pen or touch-screen input and lack keyboards for serious text work - although some allow you to connect an add-on keyboard. You can synchronize data between your PDA and PC by connecting them through cables or wireless capability (RF transmission).

Types of PDAs

PDAs can be dividede in to two major categoris: those using the 3Com's Palm OS and those using Microsoft's the Windows CE. Palm PDAs are only manufactured by 3Com while Windows CE based PDAs come from a large number of vendors e.g. Compaq, HP, Casio, Phillips etc. Both type of PDAs have wide third- party support for software and accessories.

Since the size of a PDA is so small, screen resolution should be one of the most important factors in your decision. Some screens offer color and have backlighting for easier visibility. Also, make sure that the PDA is easy to use and will support your specific requirements.

Connecting to Internet

You can buy a wireless modem to connect to the internet or send a fax. The modems are often specific to a certain model. Make sure the ones available for your PDA are fast and have fax capability.

Don't be confused between Palmtops or Handheld PCs (H/PCs) and palm-size PDAs. Palmtops and H/PCs have keyboards; whereas palm-size PDAs have touch-sensitive, pen-operated interfaces.

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