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BuyingTips - Scanner

What is a Scanner?

A Scanner accurately reproduces the graphic-image. The Scanner digitize reflected light. An internal sensor picks up reflected light and converts it into digital information that your computer can understand. Resolution is the degree of detail that a scanner reproduces. Resolution is measured in dots per inch, the higher the resolution the more detailed a scanned image will be.

There are various factors which influence a scanner's image quality. Basically there are two types of sensor technologies:

Charge-Coupled Devices (CCD)-CCD uses prisms, lenses, and other optical components to direct reflected light into the sensor.

Contact-Image Sensors (CIS)-CIS uses a single row of sensors placed extremely close to the image.

CCD scanners generally produce better image quality than CIS scanners, but CIS scanners are more compact and less expensive.

The following features will help you decide the right one for you:
Easy to use: Now a days there are scanners which are very easy to operate. There are scanners which come with easy one-step, push-button controls. A model with one-button controls and easy-to-use software is always preferred than a complicated one.

Text: Cheap scanners are not capable of great results. So before buying it scan a document using the scanner's OCR software and count the text errors. Optical character recognition (OCR) lets a scanner capture text.

Something extra for upgradeability: Many scanners include image-editing and OCR software. It's always better to know it can be added if needed. Look for optional transparency adapters (which let you scan 35mm slides and other "see through" items) and automatic document feeders.

USB: The Universal Serial Bus (USB) is standard scanner interface. USB connections are easy to set up and faster than other port interfaces. Make sure the scanner's interface matches your computer's.

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