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BuyingTips - Sound Card

What is a Sound Card?

Sound Card - is a device inside the computer that converts data into sound. This sound (or music) is then played into speakers. More advanced sound cards allow for richer music and more accurate reproduction of sound effects.

On some computers the sound card is replaced by a set of chips on the computer's motherboard that perform the same functions as a sound card. However, this means all future sound upgrades must be done by buying an expansion card and installing it into anexpansion slot.

Type of Sound Cards
Sound cards can be divided in to two categories based on how they create sound, namely Wavetable and FM Synthesis.

FM synthesis approximates the original sound by generating a series of frequencies that sound similar to the original instrument or sound effect.

Wavetable sound uses actual digital sound samples to generate the sounds, producing clear and more lifelike sound effects. Wavetable is considered to be a better technology.

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