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BuyingTips - TV/VCR Combo

What is TV/VCR Combo?

VCR/TV Combos are great space savers, but since these units are housed in one chassis there's no hookup to worry about. Most TV/VCR combos only have one tuner, which means that when recording something you are forced to also watch that program until the recording is complete. If you need to watch one show while recording another, then a separate VCR and TV is probably the best choice.

Here is list of some of the key features which will help you find the right one for you:

Commercial Advance: This function automatically recognizes commercials on playback and fast forwards right by them.

Movie Advance: This function goes directly to the movie, skipping previews in rental tapes.

4 Video Heads: An extra set of video heads provides a higher quality playback and recording in SP (2 hour) recording mode. It also provides crystal clear effects such as freeze frame, frame advance, and slow motion. 4 Head VCRs are perfect for editing. So if you have or are interested in purchasing a camcorder in the future, a 4 Head VCR would be perfect for playback and editing.

AC/DC Operation: A couple of models operate on DC as well as AC, making them ideal for vacations, motor homes and boats.

VCR Plus: VCR Plus reduces programming the VCR to a single simple step. A five or six digit code is all that is needed to program the VCR. The code, found in virtually all TV listings including TV Guide and local newspapers, "tells" the VCR the correct channel, the starting and ending times, and the correct day.

Illuminated remote: On several TV/VCRs, the most used buttons on the remote control can be lit up, making it easy to use in a dimly lit room. Some remotes use "glow" buttons for low light operation.

HiFi Stereo: Playback and recording of the audio portion in high fidelity stereo. The Left and Right channels are separated during both recording and playback by the use of extra audio heads. HiFi Stereo allows you to direct stereo signals from the VCR to a stereo TV or A/V receiver. HiFi VCRs are the only VCRs able to decode the Dolby ProLogic Surround Sound signals.

Front A/V Jacks: Audio Video Input jacks found on the face of the VCR. These jacks allow easy connection of camcorders, VCRs and video games to the VCR. Without front jacks, you must access the back of the TV/VCR for connections.

Search Functions: Several models offer advanced search functions on the VCR - allowing you to find a specific spot or show on the tape more easily.

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