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BuyingTips - VCR

What is a VCR?

Video Cassette Recorders(VCR) can be used for Watching Movies, Recording or Making your own Movies using a camcorder. Before buying a VCR look for these Features:

Number of Heads (2 or 4): Basically any VCR needs at least two video heads to record and playback a picture. Greater number of heads allows for better playback and recording at different speed. As a result a four head VCR gives you the best possible picture at all speeds.While doing your own recording from TV or a camcorder, you will get the best results using a 4 head VCR in the 2-hour mode.

Hi-fi: HiFi refers to a VCR's ability to play back and record audio with near CD quality. To achieve this, a HiFi VCR has two additional audio heads that allow for superior sound. Hi-fi playback gives you a wide frequency response, stereo sound, and - on some tapes- surround sound.

Super VHS: Super VHS is a version of VHS that provides significantly sharper image resolution. A standard VCR provides about 240 lines of sharpness (resolution) while a Super VHS provides over 400 lines.

SVHS is a special tape format and most standard VCR’s cannot play back SVHS tapes. A few conventional VHS players can play SVHS tapes at VHS resolution. While you won’t get the same picture quality, you can still view your Super VHS tapes. On the other hand if you are watching and taping standard TV over cable or antenna it will not make much of difference. However, if you use a high-resolution source like a DBS dish or DVD player it can make a big difference in your tape. If you own a MiniDigital, Digital 8mm or Super VHS camcorder you'll definitely want an SVHS machine for your VCR. SVHS VCR's can also play back and record standard VHS tapes.

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